Ristorante La Fraschetta – Trastevere Roma
Via san Francesco a Ripa 134, 00153 Rome, Italy
Price: 11-27

I first discovered La Fraschetta in 1999. Ezio ran the restaurant back then, though now it's Piero, but both of them make you feel so welcome the moment you come in. The decor lends itself to that feeling too: you walk in to a place which emits warmth and comfort at every corner. The place, with its red and white checkered cotton tablecloths and garlic and wine bottles hung from above, the delightful aromas that fill the air, all contribute to a feeling of coming home.

With my husband and children we’ve tried most of the menu - the food is so simple but so delicious, you can't believe it's so amazing. Even the bruschetta - in itself a very simple dish - is the best I've ever tried anywhere in Rome, Italy or elsewhere. The flavors are magical. The mussels soup is so incredible you won't believe your own taste buds - you'll order a basket of bread just to mop it all up and end up leaving the plate clean. My husband loves their carbonara: he says it is just as spectacular. Their meat dishes and pizza are also all great. Dessert? I rarely order it - but their mousse with hot chocolate sauce on top is irresistible.

The place gets very busy so a reservation is very highly recommended, particularly on a weekend. The service I've found to be quite friendly and prompt, even at their busiest, and I've never had a complaint. The prices are totally reasonable, and the cuisine is genuine. You'll notice when you walk in that it's primarily locals here, and the few English speakers you'll find are the foreigners who live in Rome.
This really is a special place

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