Fashion and style is not simply a description of how well you dress or convey a sentiment through articles of clothing. Fashion is also the way in which you interpret nature, what you perceive as beautiful and or how the world appears around you. In a society dominated by materialism, the actual definition of fashion is shadowed and forgotten. Fashion can be the current way in which you live, the business of creating or studying styles and finally the way in which you act. Nature has its own fashion, it behaves in a way that it perceives as natural – the flowers growing weary each night, the birds puffing and singing glorious little songs, the sky turning from pink to blue and the waves slamming against the shore. In today’s society, the whole ‘oh to be green’ lifestyle has conquered many and has been deemed fashionable as well as physically lucrative. Simply, fashion does not stop at clothing styles or New York Fashion Week; it is much greater and complex than that. Through fashion or through the fashioning of an idea and casting it among the populace, we can raise awareness for abstract or ignored subjects such as emphasis on endangered species, global climate change or American consumerism. It is like anything, it is what you do with it that makes it unique.

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